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Ever wondered about what is the one thing that you miss the most when you grow up and leave your childhood behind? The answer is unanimous for most of the people- the play time! Our children love to play, they delight in indulging in all the activities which entertain them and amuse them, and consequentially we all are blessed with the sight of a gorgeous smile.
So we make sure that the lovely kids get ample opportunities of having fun and being active at the same time with our birthday games. Our party games are of the most wonderful kind and kids enjoy them to the core. They are the main attractions of all the parties that are dedicated to kids and they make your birthday even more special.
The birthday parties that we organize in Bhopal are famous for their fun and frolic. We implement a lot of games which not only encourage participation from young and old alike but also ensure that nobody feels left out. Our expertise ranges from hosting magic shows to DIY workshops and many more. Our aim is to make every kid feel special and important in the milieu of a party crowd.
We realise that to a large extent the success or otherwise of your celebration can rest on the quality of the entertainment provided.
We are not prepared to take risks with your child's special day.
Only entertainers with a proven track record are engaged by Birthdaywala.in. In addition, our entertainers are vetted, interviewed and auditioned by us so that we can confidently endorse them as top professional children's entertainers. Participation in training, sharing of skills and workshops is encouraged to maintain the very high standards that you demand

  • Nail Art
  •  Caricature
  •  Portrait
  •  Cut – Outs
  •  Juggler
  •  Fairy
  •  Fire Juggler
  •  Caricature Artist
  • Magic
  •  Puppet Show (Disney +Jungle)
  •  Musical Puppet Show (Disney)
  •  Modern Puppet Show (Disney +Jungle)
  •  Traditional Puppet Show
  •  Magic Show
  •  Black Magic
  •  Magic With Animal
  •  Stage Magic
  •  Roaming Magic
  • Send Art
  •  Glitter Sand Art
  •  Paper Craft
  •  Drawing Coloring
  •  Craft Designing
  •  Photo Framing(Return Gift)
  •  Pottery Painting
  •  Pottery Making
  •  Hair Beading Makeup
  •  Mini Beauty Parlour
  •  Face Painting
  •  All Fashion Counter
  •  Bead Maker
  • Tattoo Painting
  • Glitter Tattoo
  • Sticker Tattoo
  • Imported Tattoo
  • Spray Tattoo
  • Chocolate Tattoo
  • Chocolate Fountain
  • D.J System
  •  Mini D.J System
  •  Hi-Fi D.J System with floor
  •  Guitar Player
  •  Mime Show
  • Small Bouncy 8/8
  •  Mickey Bouncy 10/11
  •  Slide Bouncy 12/20 2in1
  •  Jungle Bouncy 20/20 4in1
  •  Jungle Bouncy 25/25 5in1
  •  Castle Bouncy 10/30 5in1
  •  Sixier 30/20
  •  Breaking Bouncy 10/25
  •  Cat Train
  •  Thomas Train
  •  Coin Machine Rides
  •  Petrol Bikes
  •  Electric Merry Go Round
  •  Elephant Rides
  •  Camel Rides
  •  Horse Rides
  •  Bull Ride
  •  Kiddy Ride
  •  Battery Car
  •  Bagge Ride
  • Pyramid Game + Gift
  •  Gun Shooting
  •  Hoopla Game + Gift
  •  Electronics Video Game
  •  Dart Game
  •  Row & Arrow (Hit The Target)
  •  Fish Pond (Round Shape)
  •  Game Coordinator (Male)
  •  Game Coordinator (Female)
  •  Bubble machine
  •  Kids play zone
  • Photo Framing
  •  Photo Framing with art & craft
  •  Mug Printing (B Grade)
  •  Mug Printing (A Grade)
  •  T- Shirt Printing
  •  Crystal Printing
  •  Magic Cup B Grade
  •  Magic Cup A Grade
  •  Tile Printing
  •  Golden Mug Printing
  •  Silver Mug Printing
  •  Pillow & Teddy Bag Printing

Overview of Theme Decoration

  • Your child’s birthday happens only once a year, yet often party planning tasks can seem tedious and drawn out. From deciding on where to have the party to which guests to invite − the decisions can add up. One of the most important choices you (and your birthday child) will have to decide on will be the party theme. From favorite movies to puppies, pirates to lady bugs, the possibility of different themes can seem endless and overwhelming. Decide on the theme first, it will make it much easier to plan the other party details.
  • Since it is their birthday, consider looking to the birthday boy or girl to make decision of choosing the party theme. Getting their input will also make the party planning process a bit more meaningful since they will feel like they are a part of the planning. No matter how young or old your child is, there are plenty of ways in which they can inspire the theme. Try looking to these three areas for inspiration:
  • What they watch: If your child likes to watch a certain program or movie over and over (and over), that is probably a sign that they really enjoy it. If your child is always excited to watch something in particular, chances are they would be thrilled with a birthday party centered on that particular television show or movie.
  • What they like to do: Look to your child’s favorite pastime or activity for party theme inspiration. If your little boy is constantly playing with his dinosaurs or your little girl loves to get dressed up and have tea parties, then you are one step closer to picking the theme. From a sports party to tractor party − they’ll be happy to participate since it is already something that interests them!
  • What they are curious about: For older children, it is nice to choose a party theme based on something that they are really “into.” If your child is fascinated by science, you could host a science-themed party and do “experiments.” Do they love to read mysteries? You could do a mystery themed party using a mystery board game as inspiration. Planning activities that will keep older children’s attention is critical as well. Centering the party on something they are already interested in will only help you accomplish keeping them entertained.
  • This year, try these simple ways to get your birthday boy or girl involved in party theme inspiration. From what they like to watch, to their favorite activities, or even their current obsession, choosing something they like will surely make the party a hit!
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